Rongai Route

This is undoubtedly one of the least utilised routes on Kilimanjaro; you will camp expedition style in high altitude tents. The route starts at the Rongai Parks Gate (2 000 m) and follows a well defined path leading through a plantation and maize fields eventually reaching the rain forest. There is a wide variety of trees to see when trekking through this narrow band of forest before reaching camp 1 Simba Camp (2 850 m), this camp is situated on the upper borders of the rain forest belt. There is a possibility of encountering wildlife in the form of Lion, Buffalo and Elephant; an armed ranger will escort hikers on their second day to Second Cave (3 450m). Day 2 presents gorgeous views of Mawenzi (5 149 m) and the north-eastern slopes of Kilimanjaro.

Mawenzi and Kibo will dominated the sky line until you reach camp 2 – Kikelewa Camp (3 600 m). Expect temperatures to drop below freezing with a possibility of frost in the mornings. An extra day for acclimatisation is highly recommended, on this day you will hike to the picturesque Tarn Hut (4 330m), this camp has a fresh spring water lake and is located on the lower slopes of Mawenzi swimming in the lake is strictly prohibited. As you proceed along in a westerly direction, youll reach a high point above a ridge that offers stunning views of The Saddle and the south-eastern slopes of Kilimanjaro. The steep scree path ascending to Gillmans Point (5 685 m) is also clearly visible. This extra day is highly recommended and can increase your chances of reaching the summit.



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